Beauty lyrics James Wallace

James Wallace

'Return to Good'



with Videos: "Birdsongs" and
"River: Young"

Recorded at: The Green Room (New York, NY);
Studio 77 (Boston, MA); & additional recording Studio A (San Francisco, CA).
Recorded & Mixed by: James Wallace;
Mastered by George Horn, Fantasy Studios, CA.

Produced by:James Wallace

All original music & lyrics and arrangements
of trad. pieces by James Wallace/Medicinal James (ASCAP)

Lyric to "River:Young" edited from the original haiku, "River" by James Wallace, 1st published by Fourth Dimension, Montreal QC

Lead & Choral Vocals; Flutes- C, Piccolo, Alto, Bamboo, Pear (1832-restored), Whistles- tin, nickel, brass & penny; Harmonica;

Piano; Keyboards- rhodes, wurlitzer, B-3, sculpture modeling of Cello, Acoustic bass, Percussion; Guitars- open tunings, fx, harmonics.

All performances: James Wallace

Recorded on location
Logic Pro
Mac Powerbook
MOTU Traveler

Design/Photography: James Wallace

Logo: Tim Brocato