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James Wallace Stop the Bullets

Collaboration, "Stop This Bullet"

In a time of senseless mass shootings, friend Lee Aldridge reached out for a co-write to a music track. James came up with a theme, lyrics and melody and performed a vocal on the west coast in this International Co-Production. Listen to the song, "Stop This Bullet". View the lyrics here. You can also read James's essay on gun violence.

English union jack

UK Dance Release

James Wallace's compositions from the CBM CD release, 'Return to Good' are featured in the UK for a dance techno release by Letherette on the Wolf label. Discover new information & hear tracks from the album at:

James Wallace Music & Lyrics

James Wallace Beauty video single

Scandinavia "Fireflies"

James Wallace's composition, "Fireflies" from the CBM CD release, 'Return to Good' has been licensed in Stockholm, Sweden for a European production on the label Distrosong. Discover new information & hear tracks from the album at:

James Wallace Music & Lyrics

James Wallace Beauty video single

Latin American TV

Title Track Recording of James Wallace's "Return to Good" from the 'Return to Good' CD is the licensed theme song for a national TV series based out of Santiago, Chile. Find new information & learn more about the album at:

Return to Good CD

James Wallace Beauty video single

'BioShock' Soundtrack features an out-of-print recording of the classic song, "Oh, Danny Boy." The James Wallace recording is the fan club pick and the gamers' soundtrack has been a favorite download around the globe. This version features James on vocals and blues harp, with Denis Keldie on accordion and B-3. Discover new information & lyrics, and learn about the creation of the album at:

Red, Red Rose CD-Info

James Wallace Beauty video single

James Wallace has a new video for the song, "Beauty" from the project, 'Cool Blue EP-5.' Watch the video and enjoy James's music and creative images on location from east & west coasts! Hear James accompanied by Suzanne Vega's touring group at:

Cool Blue CD-EP 5

James Wallace Facebook A Red Red Rose

James Wallace has a Facebook page about
'A Red, Red Rose' and his collaboration with Denis Keldie. Discover new information about the album, including photos, flyers, artwork and more at:
James Wallace A Red Red Rose CD- Facebook

Enjoy samples and lyrics of the songs and more at:
James Wallace Music & Lyrics

James Wallace Photo Chalk Sidewalk NAfME National Assoc for Music Education fundraiser

In a series of workshops and live performances, James has helped raise awareness and funds to benefit the National Association for Music Education. With budget shortfalls, it's time to speak out and be heard: Support music in our schools! Help continue the James Wallace efforts by visiting the NAfME advocacy page in D.C. Help put these ideas into action in your community.

James Wallace GreenDisk Seattle

GreenDisk is a terrific company that reclaims unsold commercial products (e.g. cd jewelcases, dvd covers, etc.) and reconstitutes them for new uses: Friendly products for a cleaner world.

The jewelcases for James Wallace CD, 'Return to Good' supplied by:  GreenDisk in Seattle, WA.

James Wallace San Francisco Foodbank Whole Foods fundraiser

Recently James teamed up with Whole Foods and the SFFB in a James Wallace Ensemble live holiday performance to raise funds and awareness for the San Francisco foodbank. Please consider donating products and your time and/or money to your local foodbank especially during the Holidays!

James Wallace MENC Music Educators National Conference Washington DC

MENC: The National Association for Music Education has presented a petition with over 120,000 signatures in Washington DC.

Help keep music a vital part of our school programs. Learn more and make a contribution to the Fund for the Advancement of Music Education

James Wallace Photo Hart Aviation Falls Church VA

Fly the Friendly Skies!

James's music has been licensed for use in a film soundtrack by Hart Aviation. Hart Aviation Video specializes in air shows and aviation events and is based out of Falls Church, VA.

James Wallace Return to Good album cover

James has been in the studio working on a benefit CD, 'Return to Good'. Recorded at Green Room, New York and Heaven Cent, California the album features rare flutes, poems and vocal treatments, beautiful strings and keyboards in a Brian Eno-inspired production.

Info on James Wallace CD, 'Return to Good'

James Wallace eFolk Music roster A Red Red Rose

James was invited by eFolk Music to join their artist roster. eFM is a folk music support organization, featuring mp3s, artist and fan resources, and is based out of Carrboro, NC.

James Wallace sponsored Susato Whistles North Carolina

James Wallace is sponsored by Susato whistles. You can hear him performing on a variety of Susato instruments on recordings and tours and on the international CD,
"Return to Good".

James Wallace American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

"It raised a total of $165,060 sent directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund through our local Portland Oregon branch. We donated $40,000 of our own CD Baby money too- so altogether, that's $165,060 from the artists, $40,000 from CD Baby = $205,060 donated. I hope it helps!"
-Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby

James Wallace performance King's Highway- First Word Records New York

James appears at the Film Center Building (NY, NY) for the King's Highway CD "All Year Long" (First Word Records), an inspiring album of spiritually uplifting holiday songs by Wildvine Music's Frank DiMinno and Craig Benelli. Learn more about Frank  

James Wallace Rainy Day Sunshine Look Good Feel Better CMT

James has a song featured on the Rainy Day Sunshine CD released in Canada (RDS Records) – a wonderful CD that is helping to raise funds and awareness for the 'Look Good Feel Better' program of the Cancer Society. Available in fine stores. You can also check out the Rainy Day Sunshine video on CMT. Check out RDS and help make a difference!

Excerpt from: “Interconnected-the Celtic sound’’

“...our ancestors were hardy souls. And the language of their homeland explains a lot of the yearning, the longing for what was left behind: it’s in the songs - the epic proportions of the struggle, the majesty of the individual lives, the rugged grandeur, the glorious countryside. Scotland’s “By Yon Bonnie Banks”. Ireland’s “Danny Boy”. “The pipes are calling, from ridge to ridge, and down the mountainside”- Scotland and Ireland are in my blood and I am blessed. Our musical roots are descended from an oral tradition, and we are all blessed by its survival.” - James Wallace

James Wallace RFBD Recordings For the Blind and Dyslexic midtown Manhattan NYC

James contributes as voice talent for the text of Seamus Heaney, the celebrated Irish poet. At RFB&D Recordings For The Blind and Dyslexic in midtown Manhattan.