Red Red Rose lyrics James Wallace

James Wallace

'A Red, Red Rose'

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"I was fortunate to journey back from Perth, Australia- where I was born- to live in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sunny days were spent out on the Pentland Hills and rainy days on red double-decker busses taller than many of the shops of the narrow, cobblestone streets. From the moment we arrived it seemed like a spell- as if we were meant to be here... And then came the lone sound of a piper, echoing unseen... (A shaoghail!)"

Tracing family roots by journeying back to faraway lands, can be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. But living there- treading the soil, breathing the air, appreciating differences in seasons and temperatures, surrounded by the magic of the scenery, re-tellings of history, stories of ghosts...


"The kindness of strangers made this a special time to share and learn. The Gaelic of the highland folk changes from district to district, and an air of adventure felt complete as our ferry reached the Isle of Skye, entering the fishing docks, the hillsides disappearing up into the mists..."

From cobblestones to first snowflakes, from football to piping at the Edinburgh Tattoo, it's a one-of-a-kind experience. From the poems and songs of Robert Burns to lesser-known melodies, Wallace & Keldie hope the music in‚ 'A Red, Red Rose‚' brings the places and memories of the past into light, into the present and future, going forwards for all to share.

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